Revolutionize Your Building Security with Isonas Electronic Access Control

What keeps business leaders in the private and public sectors awake at night? The concern they have for the safety and security of their building, data, and other sensitive information. Without secure access control, they risk their data being compromised along with theft and damage to their buildings. What can you do to make your buildings safe and secure with an access control system that is cost-effective and easy to manage?

Why You Need Isonas Access Control Platform

There are a number of access control systems the most basic of course being the lock and key. Unfortunately the lock and key is the riskiest access control system you can have. Keys are easily lost or copied and if compromised, you need a locksmith to change all the locks in your building. This is not only costly, but it’s also very time-consuming.

Another access control system is the digital keypad. This too has its drawbacks where if an employee leaves, you need to change the code on all digital locking systems. What’s more inconvenient is if you haven’t communicated the new code to all authorized and current employees, they are awkwardly locked out.

With an electronic access control system, you gain complete control over all the entry points and exit points of your building. Electronic access control also allows you to control an entire floor restricting access only to those who are approved as well as controlling access to individual rooms containing highly sensitive information or electronic surveillance equipment and controls.

Isonas Pure Access

When considering an access control system, you can choose from a fully hosted system that sits in the cloud (Pure Access Cloud) or an on-premise solution (Pure Access Manager). Pure Access provides you with a complete access control platform including the installation, administration, and management of Isonas patented Pure IP™ hardware system. Management of the system is a breeze and easily accessed from a mobile device, tablet, or PC. The dashboard allows you to configure how you want to monitor your system in real-time as its fully responsive. Comprehensive and intuitive, the system allows you to add users, access points, and rules with a drag and drop functionality The system is so easy to use it requires minimal training and support.

Pure Access Cloud

The Isonas Pure Access Cloud platform eliminates the need to support on-site hardware and software which ultimately saves you money from having to support an maintain an expensive in-house system. A fully hosted access control platform that sits in the cloud gives you peace of mind knowing that your premises are safe and secure at all times. Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, Isonas reader-controllers are pre-configured to the cloud, Isonas Pure Access Cloud only requires an internet connection on your site making this product an innovative plug and play system. You get the added benefits of a secure end-to-end communication system using industry best practice and encryption schemes that protect the most sensitive information.

Access Point Configuration Wizard

It’s easy to set up and configure your access points to a building easily reducing installation costs and time. Its a simple process allowing you to test the IP configuration and connectivity and accessories from a mobile device if preferred.

Benefits of an Isonas Access Control Platform

If operating a high-security area such as a municipal building, data center, government buildings, military installations, research universities, hospitals, or even commercial enterprises, security is mandatory. An electronic access system like Isona monitors and controls human access to a building, its equipment, and sensitive data. The system allows you to input a user’s name then verify and authenticate privileges using the access control list to grant or deny their access to the entire building or restrict access to parts of the building depending on their role and level of authority. With plentiful support documents, this makes the Pure Access Cloud a leader in its field – book your demo with LaTech today.

LaTech works with both the private and public sector providing license plate readers for law enforcement plus CCTV and parking access and management in addition to access control systems. If you have any concerns about the security of your building, contact our team at 225-475-9359 or visit us online anytime to learn more about access control systems. With a free no-obligation consultation, you will rest assured the advice you receive is right for you.

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