Experience unmatched safety through the all-encompassing security technology ecosystem we can offer. Seamlessly integrate voice, video, data, and analytics into a single platform, addressing the distinct challenges of your organization. By unifying these elements, we provide you with a robust foundation of safety, taking your security measures to the next level.

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Video Security

Streamline security investigations with user-friendly event, object, and similarity search functionalities. Simplify the traditionally time-consuming process of analyzing extensive surveillance. Enhance investigation and response procedures by harnessing the synergy of orchestrate for workflow automation and ally for incident documentation. Streamline processes for swift, effective action.


Environmental / Vape Sensor

The Vape sensor, an innovative creation by IP Video Corporation, was designed to revolutionize real-time detection in privacy-sensitive spaces.This intelligent sensor serves as a vape detector and security device, meticulously identifying crucial events linked to environmental shifts and air quality transformations caused by particulate matter.

What is Access Control?

Access control is really just a part of the security system that you’re already deploying in your business. It’s specifically designed to allow your administrative and technical personnel to control access to your building, property, or specific areas of either. You can also control access based on date, time, or other accessibility factors that you determine. The idea is that you’re making it easy for authorized employees to access their workspaces, and difficult or impossible for those who are not authorized.

What are the Benefits of the Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras?

License plate cameras are more than just high-tech toys or gadgets. With so many crimes in the US involving vehicles, the license plate camera scans 900 license plates per minute. It’s a level of analytics and investigative potential that’s unrivaled, and all that power is being brought to bear in the service of making the community safe and secure. Here are a few key benefits.

Do More With Less
The realities of dealing with limited resources means that every resource takes on extra importance. With the functionality of license plate readers, law enforcement is able to make use of the many eyes and complex analytics capabilities. It allows them to be better at fighting crime.

Weapon Detection

Introducing Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD) and Screening System solutions, powered by evolv technology. Safeguard government buildings, stadiums, and schools from concealed threats with this innovative touchless system. Experience a seamless, hassle-free process as you walk through without the need to empty pockets or bags, all while maintaining a respectful and efficient visitor flow. The system’s advanced capabilities allow it to screen over 3600 visitors per hour, ensuring safety without sacrificing convenience.

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