LaTech Security is a privately owned limited liability corporation (registered as LA TECH LLC), and has been in business since January 2001. 

800+ organizations served

Law Enforcement

Commercial Surveillance and Security

The future of commercial access management and security lies not in hiring additional personnel, but in leveraging automated solutions. At LaTech, we help define and implement the ideal license plate readers, video management systems, parking and access control management for businesses throughout the region.


LaTech is dedicated to revolutionizing the education sector. Our solutions aim to make learning more efficient and accessible, benefiting both students and educators. Dive into how our technology is reshaping education for a brighter future.


LaTech’s technology empowers government agencies to operate smoothly. Our solutions prioritize efficiency, transparency, and progress in public administration. Explore how LaTech leads the transformation in governance.


In the healthcare realm, LaTech is driving progress through advanced technology. Our solutions optimize patient care and management, making healthcare more precise and effective. Discover how LaTech advances healthcare for better patient outcomes.


LaTech’s industrial solutions are engineered to significantly boost productivity and set new industry standards. We empower various sectors to achieve peak performance and reliability. Learn how LaTech spearheads innovation in industries.

License Plate Readers

License plate readers are becoming ever-more-popular for use by police and other law-enforcement personnel for safety and investigative purposes. They’ve already been used to aid in the discovery of key criminal suspects and kidnap victims. The potential for beneficial use is boundless.

Our sales team

Call the LaTech Security sales team to discuss your security concerns and learn how other companies are gaining confidence in their security strategies and solutions.

See the difference we make for others

They have been extremely helpful and responsive to our needs and questions. They always responds in a timely manner. They have made themselves available for contact around the clock and works to provide an immediate solution to our needs.

Captain Emile Larson

Deputy Commander Narcotics S.I.B. Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

From the owner of LaTech, to the supervisor and technicians I can truly say I am very impressed with their communication skills. I would strongly recommend that if you are looking for a proven company, give them a shot.

Lloyd Hidalgo

Maintenance Supervisor Assumption Parish School Board
Every time I call LaTech I can count on friendly service and thorough answers. It is a distinct pleasure doing business with a company that obviously cares so much about its customers.
Thank you LaTech!


Owner KoKo Fit Club