Video Management Systems

Keep Operations Flowing Smoothly and Securely with Video Management Systems

Traffic is a growing problem within the US — whether it’s traffic on the roads or movements of individuals through buildings. Many organizations are looking for ways to solve their traffic challenges through monitoring and access control, but these individualized solutions can be costly and inefficient. This is one of the reasons video management systems are becoming so popular as a way to provide security not only to buildings but also to protect parking lots and other areas with entrance control. These intelligent traffic options are becoming more popular throughout the country, with the rise in demand signaling the need to keep operations flowing smoothly throughout your organization or property.

How Security Systems Interact with Video

While there are still situations where active, live monitoring is the best solution, CCTV and passive monitoring solutions are a viable option for many municipalities, businesses and law enforcement. Advanced facial recognition software and high-speed camera captures allow law enforcement and building operations personnel to protect their assets and also provide accountability without the need for oversight by expensive personnel. This much more cost-effective option provides many of the same benefits of traditional security systems, with the added interaction of video to start a capture. For instance, with video-connected security systems, you can:

  • Use a video management system to trigger video recording of a door that is opened outside of normal business hours or on the weekends
  • Verify employee time punches with a video camera stationed by the time clock
  • Use remote identity verification which that allows you to provide limited or short-term access to an individual
These solutions help meet the needs of modern organizations as they seek to automate and improve the consistency of their security while improving the overall experience for staff members and visitors.

Business, Law Enforcement and Correctional Facility Usage

One of the exciting new options for this type of technology is for law enforcement to place cameras in areas that are potential targets for crime. This can reduce the overall cost of prosecution, much in the same ways that a body camera will. The clarity and video quality in these video management systems are exceptional, providing a crisp image of individuals that are involved in illicit activities. When you combine a video management system with advanced sensors and other security techniques, you have a high-end surveillance system that provides a high degree of security at a cost-effective price.

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