Video Security

Streamline security investigations with user-friendly event, object, and similarity search functionalities. Simplify the traditionally time-consuming process of analyzing extensive surveillance.

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Investigate with Efficiency and Precision
Streamline security investigations by user-friendly event, object, and similarity search functionalities. Simplify the traditionally time-consuming process of analyzing extensive surveillance footage, turning it into actionable insights within minutes, significantly reducing turnaround times.

Elevate Operational Insight
Enhance your understanding of occupancy in property management and customer behavior analysis within retail and public settings, enhancing overall customer experiences. Optimize resource allocation, effectively manage environmental conditions, and monitor workplace productivity through valuable hot-desking data. Analyze traffic patterns, identify hotspots, and access relevant occupancy insights, enabling improved business operations.

Ensure Data Security and Compliance
Our solutions guarantee comprehensive compliance and security, offering your IT team peace of mind. Benefit from automatic cloud-based software updates, end-to-end encryption for both data and metadata, and secure remote access from anywhere across the globe. Centralized management of product licenses through the cloud ensures a controlled, proactive approach to system maintenance and updates.

Efficient Analysis at Your Fingertips
Accelerate your search efforts with the technology for Search and Facial Recognition technologies. Quickly locate individuals or objects, ensuring rapid and effective analysis.

Swift Response and Automation
Enhance investigation and response procedures by harnessing the synergy of orchestrate for workflow automation and ally for incident documentation. Streamline processes for swift, effective action.


  • Advanced Next-Generation Video Analytics
  • Wide Field of View for Enhanced Coverage
  • Wide Dynamic Range Support for Optimal Image Clarity
  • ONVIF® Profile S, T, and G Compliance for Seamless Integration
  • FIPS-Compliant Cryptography for Advanced Security
  • Innovative H.264 & H.265 HDSM SmartCodec Technology, Motion JPEG
  • Quick and Effortless Installation Process
  • Optional IR Illumination for Enhanced Low-Light Performance
  • Illuminating Dark Environments with light catcher technology
  • Harnessing Facial Recognition Technology for Enhanced Identification
  • No Face Mask Detection & Occupancy Counting
  • Achieving Optimal Image Clarity with Wide Dynamic Range
  • Unusual Activity Detection for Enhanced Alerting
  • Extended Temperature Range for Versatile Environments
  • Wide Dynamic Range Support for Optimal Image Clarity
  • Invisible IR LED Light for Enhanced Low-Light Performance and clear Vision in Darkness
  • Look Up 20° Above the Horizon for Enhanced Visibility
  • Receive Alerts for Elevated Temperature
  • Relay I/O Connections for Seamless Integration
  • Audio Capabilities for Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Maximum Image Rate of 30 fps for Real-Time Visuals
  • License Plate Recognition for Enhanced Security
  • 4K Support for Optimal Image Clarity
  • Recovery Partition for Data Security
  • Small Form Factor for Space Optimization
  • Solid-State Drive for Enhanced Performance
  • Embedded Video Management Software for Streamlined Operations
  • Low Voltage Operation for Efficient Energy Usage
  • Receive Remote Notifications for Immediate Alerts
  • Tolerate Shock & Vibration for Robust Performance


  • Elevate Your Facility Control with Intelligent Video Surveillance

    Experience the fusion of cloud-based access control and advanced remote video surveillance, empowering you with unparalleled facility control. Gain instant, secure access to real-time facility views, securely stored in the cloud and easily accessible through remote connections.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Protection

    Distinguish between the unique advantages of bullet, dome, multisensor and multiheads cameras. Bullet cameras, housed in weatherproof casings, are tailored for outdoor use, offering extended range for clear visibility over larger distances. However, box IP cameras provide enhanced customization options, letting you modify components such as lenses and housing to match specific requirements. Both camera types deliver superior image quality even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Elevate Safety with our Solutions

    Experience unmatched safety through the all-encompassing security technology ecosystem we can offer. Seamlessly integrate voice, video, data, and analytics into a single platform, addressing the distinct challenges of your organization. By unifying these elements, we provide you with a robust foundation of safety, taking your security measures to the next level.
  • Stay Ahead with Edge-Based AI Intelligence

    Be proactive in safeguarding your surroundings using our cameras, equipped with edge-based AI intelligence to detect and promptly notify you of critical events.


Regardless of your organization’s scale, our on-premises video security solutions offer comprehensive video data control, fortified by robust cybersecurity measures. Ensure perpetual site protection while maintaining complete control over your data.

  • Choose with Confidence

    When organizations opt for on-premises solutions, they embrace unmatched control over their video security. Benefit from robust cybersecurity measures that guarantee constant site safeguarding, regardless of your organization’s size.
  • Scalability to Match Your Growth

    Experience adaptable situational awareness that evolves alongside your organization’s expansion. On-premises security solutions seamlessly accommodate varying camera counts, from a single camera to an impressive 10,000+ cameras per site.
  • Robust Data Security and Confidentiality

    With increased video data, the significance of safeguarding it becomes paramount. On-premises security solutions offer innovative cybersecurity features, including FIPS 140-2 compliance, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable information.
  • Empowerment Through Complete Control

    Take command of your security infrastructure from any corner of the globe. Effortlessly oversee your sites, ensuring optimal camera performance and swift response to potential disruptions that could impact system availability.

On-Premises Cloud Management

Video solution recorders are crafted to seamlessly integrate with cloud-managed video surveillance software.

  • This software offers complete remote operation, administration, and single sign-on.

  • It also provides online user management and cloud-based health monitoring with real-time alerts.

  • The innovative web Connect technology eliminates the need for complicated port forwarding and manual IP configuration.

  • This simplifies initial setup and ongoing maintenance for remote clients.

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