Parking Access & Management

It’s all-too-easy for people to quickly scamper into and out of a parking lot that doesn’t have the proper access control. There will always be those individuals that – regardless of how inexpensive your parking area is – are looking for a freebie or ways to get out of additional charges or a large fine. Parking management companies have long struggled with finding the ideal mix of enforcement that will be cost-effective (and effective!) at the same time, but it can be a challenge. If you have someone physically patrolling the lot too often, you’re spending too much on your payroll. If you reduce your patrols, you run the risk of missing out on the revenue generated when people are staying too long in their spot. Fortunately, parking lot access control systems have improved dramatically with the introduction of automatic license plate recognition and other advanced software solutions.

Maximize Parking Lot Revenue

Finding the right balance for your business starts with a more thorough understanding of the traffic patterns. With parking lot access control in place, you’ll gain access to the analytics and insight that allows you to make the best decisions about managing your parking lot revenue. There are significant innovations both domestically and abroad in parking lot access management, with Norway being one of the first countries to roll out a seamless customer experience with Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) parking solution. There are significant benefits to leveraging this type of technology in your parking lots:

  • Improved revenue recognition through an automated billing system
  • Enhanced convenience for your drivers, encouraging repeat visits
  • Increase in the flow of traffic into and out of your parking facility or lots
  • Reduced need for onsite handlers and monitoring personnel
  • Expanded opportunity to fluidly change charges based on parking lot utilization
Whether you’re looking for a full-featured, gated system or a simpler flat-rate parking gate, LaTech offers a range of solutions that will help boost your parking management revenue.

Deeper Analysis Equals Improved Utilization

Are there specific times during the day or week that it would make sense to shift the model for your lots? The days of flat-rate fares are coming to an end, and parking access & management companies are able to provide you with the reports and statistics that make strategic planning easy for your business. With innovative new systems, you’re able to gain greater insight into customer needs and make enhancements that will boost revenue over time. Parking management is becoming a high-tech industry, and customers are less willing to accept the frustration of long lines and inefficient processes. With all of the competition in the area for parking revenue, you need to know that the operations and monitoring will be smoothly handled and quickly controlled when needed. A thorough understanding of current utilization allows you the freedom to make decisions that will make the most of your available space.

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