Predicting Trends in Access Control for 2021 (and Beyond) — Part 2

In an era of growing security concerns, law enforcement, municipalities, corporations, hospitals, universities, and property managers are looking to elevate their security with trusted access control systems. What’s driving the market is the growing adoption of wireless technology and the adoption of security systems supported by cloud computing platforms.

As access control is evolving, these innovations continue to improve performance, cost-effectiveness, and efficiencies. We are finding the potential application for these innovative access control systems is expanding beyond their initial deployment.

Networked Systems

The latest trends in access control systems will no longer remain separate from other data sources. The future sees them emerging into the model of predictive analysis as they are integrated into networked systems. As this trend continues to develop, it moved the security and intelligence of access control into a whole new realm of possibilities moving the industry to provide proactive security trends instead of reactive.

With fully integrated networked systems, users can utilize a single control platform to monitor buildings that provide security via video surveillance with real-time management of visitors entering and exiting buildings. In addition to building control, the added capability of monitoring alarms, elevator control, photo-imaging, and badging makes network systems a popular trend for the future.

Bluetooth-Enabled Technology

The emergence of mobile access control and Bluetooth capability has revolutionized access control. Smartphone Bluetooth-enabled access control gives users frictionless access through turnstiles, doors, and elevators without the need to carry and swipe a card. Mobile credentials have lowered costs since most people already own a smartphone, improving privacy, and increasing flexibility.

A huge benefit of Bluetooth enabled systems is if an alarm is set off during a day, the system has the capability to auto-execute a lockdown and send a simultaneous message or email to everybody within the perimeter of the premises to notify them about the lockdown.

Biometric Access Control

Before the coronavirus pandemic, we saw a huge increase in the use of biometrics as clients wanted to get rid of physical cards to control access. However, due to the pandemic, fingerprint access has taken a downturn as companies are being forced to reconsider the use of fingerprints as the virus’s implication and the need to remain contactless. This opens the door for a rise in facial recognition systems as an alternative.

Managed Access Control

If you own an older access-control system, some software-based access control solutions on the market provide the advanced architecture necessary to offer access control as a managed service. It allows you to access the latest systems that provide the functionality capable of managing and controlling multiple systems for a single monthly investment. This approach takes away the need to invest in expensive hardware and the associated ongoing maintenance costs.

With cybersecurity at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the advantage of cloud-based systems, apart from being more secure, provides more straightforward and quicker access control installations. The huge advantage, of course, is the cost savings and flexibility in accessing cloud-based solutions. Managed access control removes the need for dedicated IT infrastructure and support giving users the latest technology without worrying about updates and ongoing maintenance.

Although technology continues to evolve and advance, physical cards will continue to play a valued role in securely granting or restricting access to a trusted identity.

Merging Systems

As companies adopt these innovations in access control, it’s important the remember that it takes time to merge the two systems without compromising security. In the short term, the old systems and new systems must coexist, which means compatibility is a consideration. When looking at implementing new technologies, users are wise to ensure they have multiple options available to them to ensure ongoing upgrades meet their security needs.

As you can see, many positive developments are emerging in the access control space. It’s important to understand how these advances and trends can enhance the security of your buildings. If you are unsure how the latest access control trends affect your security and budget, give us a call at 866-779-4897 where you can speak to an expert or schedule your free consultation today!

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