Is Your Building Safe and Secure? You Might Need Brivo Electronic Access Control

Security is of prime concern during this challenging time as businesses and government departments are negotiating a new reality. Brivo Access Control is in high demand with many buildings empty or catering to a few employees due to Covid-19. This means your premises need to be safer and more secure than ever and if employees do need access at irregular hours, you want to make sure they are authorized to do so.

Traditional Access Control Represents a High Risk

The most common type of access control is the lock and key which has been around for decades. It’s notoriously unreliable and in the case of a breach, there’s no way of knowing who accessed your premises. It is easy for keys to be copied, lost, or stolen leaving you with no way to understand if someone does enter your premises if that person is authorized to do so.

Strong Electronic Access from Brivo

When it comes to the security of a building, electronic access control systems give you greater control which makes your security system more effective. The most common component of access control is the key card. Key cards allow for identification and time logging of anybody entering your premises. Although these cards can be lost or stolen like keys, if a card is compromised, it’s a simple process to lock out the lost or stolen card without having to change every lock in the building.

Automated Access Control Management

Managing an access control system is made easier with Brivo Onair which automates your entire access control system saving you time and money because you don’t have to manage it. The system allows you to create schedules customized to your needs. You can set times for access to all entrances and set alarms that best suits your business. The solution also allows you to set permissions levels depending on a user’s role allowing for different levels of access. For instance, you can limit access to parts of a building that contains highly sensitive data and equipment.

Real-Time Monitoring

With any access control system, you want to be able to monitor and view real-time video, a key feature of the Brivo Access Control System. With visitor entry and intercom you can view who is looking to gain access in real-time. Smart readers and elevator control give you greater insights into a user’s movement throughout a building supported by wireless locks and cameras. This means you gain peace of mind your building is secure from unauthorized access at any time.

In addition to having the ability to monitor and view live video, the added benefit is receiving event data in easy to review reports. Should there be a breach these reports will enable you to subsequently track an individual’s movements after the fact.

Easy to Use Mobile Credentials

Brivo Access Control has thought of everything as it can all be controlled with a mobile phone. By tapping on a single button users can gain access via the closest door allowing them to have only one credential for access to multiple building amenities and facilities.

Using smartphone technology with access control makes life so much easier allowing the user to download and set up their favorite features like adding favorite doors and Siri voice commands for hands-free operation as well as giving you two-factor-authentication to protect high-security areas which are already built into smartphones.

Mobile Management

Today’s business reality means you need to be able to work from anywhere at any time. The Brivo access control system allows you to manage access at any time to unlock doors from any location. In the case of a suspected security breach, you can remotely assign and revoke credentials that have been sent directly to user’s smartphones along with viewing live door activity. Should you need to, you can review recorded video footage, arm disarm panels and initiate the lockdown of individual doors and an entire site.

The Brivo Access Control system will ultimately reduce operating costs for a business over the long term, giving you peace of mind knowing with increased security you maintain an accurate record tracking of all employees gaining access to your buildings. In addition to providing a mobile access control system, LaTech works with both the private and public sector providing license plate readers for law enforcement plus CCTV and parking access and management. When you work with the professionals at LaTech, you can be confident the advice you receive is right for your business. Contact our team in Baton Rouge at 225-475-9359 or visit us online anytime to learn more about our security and surveillance products and services.