Helping Protect Your Location Requires Active Security and Surveillance Measures

Without the proper equipment at hand, cultivating a safe environment for local communities can feel like an uphill battle for law enforcement and government leaders alike. Particularly when it comes to fostering partnerships between towns, cities and law enforcement, it is essential to invest in effective, high-quality technology that will not only help minimize crime, but will also give local residents peace of mind and confidence in the safety of their communities. Today, officials and municipal leaders have access to a wide range of useful equipment such as license plate readers, body cameras and more to reduce — and take preemptive measures against — local crime and other nefarious activity. The following information provides an in-depth look at how local leaders and law enforcement can work together to build secure communities with the help of recent technology.

License plate readers

License plate readers are one of the most effective tools for law enforcement, given their incredible ability to scan up to 2,000 license plates per minute, depending on the type of reader. The capacity to recognize so many license plates allows law enforcement to quickly send data through an automatic license plate reader (ALPR) software, which stores lists of cars that have been stolen, vehicles involved in an AMBER Alert case and much more. Automatic license plate readers can also alert the user if a certain license plate has been associated with gang activity in the past or if it has unpaid parking tickets. With such a vast supply of information available in such a short amount of time, license plate readers have proven extremely useful to officials and law enforcement who work to maintain safe communities.

Access control

When it comes to keeping buildings, offices and even private residences secure, access control systems are highly effective solutions. From proximity badges and key dongles to biometrics and magnetic locks, there is no shortage of outstanding access control technology available today. Based on your individual needs and preferences, access control solutions can be customized to allow entry to specific locations at certain times, on particular days of the week and more. This practical technology is in high demand for its ability to easily filter who enters certain locations and of course, keep intruders out, which ultimately makes for safer towns and cities.

Security Systems

The advantages of body cameras can be applied to a number of different locations with the implementation of security systems. Whether you’re concerned about the number of people coming and going in your business, public building or residence, a security system is an effective way to keep track of what’s going on. A security system is an investment that can benefit communities for years to come as it can help identify criminals, serve as evidence in a court of law and more.


While some situations are best monitored with live-stream security cameras, there are numerous situations in which closed-circuit television (CCTV) is the best option to maintain a secure environment, along with other passive monitoring tools. CCTV allows law enforcement to access video footage with an Internet connection from any location, which eliminates the need to be on-site to monitor a location. Overall, CCTV is convenient and adaptable technology that offers high-quality security and video monitoring services.

Parking Access & Management

Last but not least, a key aspect of preserving local safety is monitoring frequented areas like parking lots. Unfortunately, it can be extremely easy for individuals to take advantage of lenient security in parking garages, no matter how low or reasonable the fees are. For this reason, parking access control is a wise investment that not only cuts down on your upkeep and payroll costs but also limits unauthorized entry or activity in parking areas.

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