Winning The Case For Updated Video Security: It’s All About Your Lens

The advantages afforded by modern video security and surveillance systems means an upgrade feels like the obvious answer, right? If you’ve done the research and explored the market, then you feel confident your business would make the smart and imperative decision to update its security systems. However, big changes such as this always bring up valid concerns and hesitations. If you’re looking to encourage company leadership toward new video security and surveillance equipment, here are some arguments about the benefits of these systems to start you on the right path.

 Emphasize Money Saved Through Video Security

Businesses want to save money when organizing their budget. You can help by advocating for up-to-date surveillance. In fact, your business will spend less money on expensive personnel to manually monitor properties and buildings, since automated video surveillance, combined with access control, sensors and alarms, will alert you of potential threats as they arise. Advanced security cameras, such as Internet Protocol (IP) cameras and license plate readers also save money by providing reliable, clear evidence of incidents, leaving less room for someone to dispute what happened. This could save retail businesses as a whole billions of dollars every year. With advanced facial recognition and high-speed camera captures, a business won’t have to allocate extra money for lawsuits, complaints or higher insurance payments because your surveillance system captures all the necessary information.

It’s also worth noting to your company leadership that security systems fit the needs of the business, meaning companies pay for scalable systems based on what they require at the time.

Equate Safety with Trust and Productivity

Investing in modern security systems shows a business takes itself, its employees and its reputation seriously. A company who prioritizes advanced security and surveillance will inevitably inspire trust and confidence in their employees, visitors and customers. It’s important for your business’s employees to know that their safety and protection are respected, as a 2019 study found that 55% of millennials plan to leave employers that prioritize profits over people. When employees feel valued, their productivity and relationship with the company improve, too.

Starting from the entry points, video surveillance and advanced access control will ensure that only registered individuals will have access to your property. Cameras placed at strategic locations, such as the entrance to the building and places of concern, will deter unwanted visitors from infiltrating your business, limiting break-ins and thefts. Appropriate in-building surveillance will also ensure that your employees respect each other, creating a safe and professional environment where employees can feel at ease and focus on their work.

Up-To-Date Security Reduces Unnecessary Stress and Worry

Ultimately, a business wants to run smooth operations that foster growth. You can provide a priceless quality to your company leadership through industry-standard video security and surveillance: peace of mind.

With a video management system (VMS), businesses don’t have to worry about a threat until it arises, and when addressing a threat, the data collected through license plate readers, IP cameras and access control systems allows your business to find information when you need it. Because these systems are automated, your company does not need to actively monitor them. Employers and employees can worry less about keeping track of who enters the building and what happens on the premises because they’ve already established safeguards through comprehensive security measures.

With security handled, a business can focus on financial growth, achieving goals and producing excellent work, without the added burden of worry.

Finding the Right Partner to Help Make the Case

Your company will stay ahead of the curve with LaTech Security’s newest, leading-edge technology and integrated security systems. With our team of experienced industry professionals, you can discover the security solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Our fast and friendly service offers products that keep your business controlled, secure and profitable. To discover more important points that you can use to make the case for advanced surveillance and security to your leadership, reach out to LaTech Security through our contact page or use our numbers: 225-214-3038 or (866) 779-4897 for toll-free.

Drop the worry and see what peace of mind really feels like.