What Are The Key Components of Any Surveillance and Security System?

Security and surveillance systems cover a wide range of protective measures to ensure the safety of a company and its assets. When considering how to improve or set up the best system for a business, the amount of information can feel overwhelming. How can a company cover all its bases without adding more stress or work to its already fast-paced schedule? Starting with the basic, essential components goes a long way to provide the necessary peace of mind and ease to focus on the company itself. At their optimal level, security and surveillance systems should inspire trust and confidence. With the following elements, you’re on the right track to building a system that suits your needs.

The Need For Security and Surveillance Starts As Early As Arrival

Multiple elements involved in security systems intersect in the management of parking lots, a challenge LaTech Security understands well. Parking lots can feel stressful to customers when management lacks efficiency, convenience and accountability. Ideally, a parking lot should achieve these goals while staying cost-effective and producing enough revenue.

A trustworthy access control system helps eliminate potential problems from the start. People who use the parking lot on a short-term basis (daily or hourly) understand how much they will pay for the service and will only access the parking lot if they follow the guidelines. This avoids the conflict when people attempt to avoid parking fees, because an automated control system manages the entry, exit, and billing of the parking lot. An automated access control also means less necessity for security officers to patrol the lot or manually manage the lot’s gates. For those who use the parking lot on a long-term basis, the access control system allows them to present necessary credentials to use the lot.

Advanced license plate readers have also come more and more into effective use. While many people may initially think of law enforcement and highway traffic when they think of this technology, license plate readers offer a broader utility. The basic parts of an ALPR include a camera, computer and software, which a company can customize based on its specific needs. For companies that manage pay-to-use parking lots, ALPRs easily collect and store data of license plates to keep track of people on the premises. These readers can scan up to 900 license plates per minute, and their incredible scanning range allows for companies to place them wherever they need.

Protect Points of Entry With Building Access Control

Access control is exactly what it sounds like: managing who can enter a property or building, when, where and how. A system like this includes four different parts: a form of identification, readers to scan ID, control panels that collect and store information, and door locks connected to the control panel. Identification methods vary from badges and ID cards to fobs to biometric technology such as fingerprints, whichever best suits the company.

Already, advanced technology like this can deter unwanted people from gaining access to a property. As a crucial part of security, it provides invaluable reassurance by tracking people’s entrances, requires less manual labor from a security team and allows for companies to set their own parameters. With the increase of flexible schedules in workplaces and the high traffic within buildings, it’s important that the company can adjust the days, times and people allowed in a building. If suspicious activity does occur, options like remote access allow people to manage the system off-site, potentially preventing unwanted activity.

Use The Latest Video Surveillance Technology To Maximize Trust & Safety

Video surveillance goes beyond a simple camera. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) technology has expanded to include cloud storage, live-streaming, facial recognition software and high-speed camera captures. These options allow people to view footage through the internet and address real-time concerns even off-site. Used in combination with access control and sensors, you can easily verify activity, identification and manage security from a distance if necessary. Clear video quality and even audio has increased the level of ease and confidence with which companies use video management systems. This means that in cases of suspicious activity, theft or even misunderstandings, a company can remove doubt by reviewing high-quality footage that works with the rest of their security system.

The Next Step: Consultation To Fit Your Requirements

At the end of the day, security and surveillance systems are necessary tools to protect your assets. Advancements in technology mean companies can spend less time worrying about managing facilities and spend more time focusing on company growth and goals. LaTech Security works with municipalities, private businesses and law enforcement, which means they offer the right tools, knowledge and skills to meet different challenges and needs in security systems. With the latest technologies, LaTech can set up or upgrade integrated security systems that meet the client’s unique requirements. To learn more about LaTech’s 20 years of industry experience and schedule a no-obligation consultation, give us a call at 225-214-3038 or fill out our quick contact form. For a toll free number, call (866) 779-4897.