Top 5 Problems of Surveillance Camera Systems and How LaTech Can Fix Them

You’ve installed a security camera system thinking you have nothing to worry about, everything is being recorded right? Suddenly it begins to cause problems; the image isn’t clear, the resolution poor and you lose the signal.

Active live monitoring systems are the backbone of public safety for law enforcement, municipalities, and businesses. Without adequate camera surveillance, it makes it difficult for them to prevent crime and prosecute offenders.

There are several reasons why security and surveillance systems fail. LaTech Security and Surveillance can help you understand why.

1. Piecemeal Security Products

There’s never enough money to do it right but there’s always money to do it over. Buying security equipment from different sources is a major cause of failure in the security and surveillance industry. When you use components from different suppliers, often these components are incompatible and won’t work together causing surveillance issues with your equipment and video capture.

It pays to purchase all your equipment from the same supplier ensuring the system you have invested in is never compromised. A single supplier like LaTech, is an expert in the equipment they sell and know what works together and what doesn’t.

2. Image Quality Problems

Image quality problem often lies with the camera itself due to a dirty camera lens, an extension cable running too long or a weak WiFi signal. If your varifocal zoom won’t automatically focus, or the image quality is poor, the issues could be a little more complex. You may not have set the right resolution for the cameras you are operating.

Make sure the security camera has infrared cut filters after checking the lens for dust, spiders, and dirt. Ensure the camera is not pointed directly at a source of light and adjust the brightness and contrast setting on the camera itself.

3. Update the Firmware

Most companies that manufacture security camera systems regularly provide new firmware to fix any bugs in the system. Check that you updated your software to the latest firmware.

By ensuring your firmware is always updated, flickering problems or not showing images at all will most likely fix themselves. When you update the firmware, ensure you follow the instructions carefully to get the most out of your security camera systems. If you need any assistance with updating your firmware, LaTech is here to help.

3. Color Problems

Check the power supply to your security cameras to ensure it’s within range and connected properly. Try swapping the input cable to see if that fixes color issues and test the camera on a different DVR/NVR port. If the camera images are showing up pink or green, move the camera to a different location to see if the camera is the root cause of the problem. Manually turn the IR lights on and off several times to see if that works and disconnect the power connector and plug it back in a few times.

4. Not Showing Images

If the video images are too dark or unclear, try adjusting the brightness and contrast settings and slide the adjustable sunshade to let more light in. If the resolution is still poor, check that you have set the right resolutions for the security camera you are operating.

5. Blurry Images at Night

Make sure the camera has an infrared cut filter allowing for night vision. Not all cameras come with high-quality night vision and with an IR cut filter. If this type of camera is used outdoors you will end up with a blurry image at night.

Investing in the right equipment and having it installed by experts will ensure all the components will work together seamlessly. Security equipment bought from reliable and highly acclaimed specialists will undoubtedly give you confidence your security and surveillance systems will work to the highest of standards.

When it comes to supporting the systems adopted by law enforcement, businesses and municipalities, LaTech Security and Surveillance are the experts. Contact us now for more information on how to ensure you have the most cost-effective and up-to-date security systems suited to your needs.