Technical Highlights of Salto Systems Control Equipment

With non-essential businesses closing their doors and people working remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, maintaining the security of empty buildings is paramount to business continuity. A well designed access control system is the cornerstone of keeping any facility secure while protecting your inventory, staff and clients.

With its online and cloud based technologies, Salto Access Control Systems have the capacity to maintain the security of buildings by tracking when doors can be unlocked, who is entering and when keeping virtually every door secure. It gives you the ability to monitor and control every user entering a building providing real-time intelligence and instant control.


The SALTO XS4 access control platform combines electronic door components, peripherals and software to deliver a tailor-made on premise access control solution wirelessly. You have the flexibility to grow from a small number of doors and users and scale this accordingly. Using smartcard technology, it’s possible to update and receive information from the cards anytime, anywhere in the building.

It’s flexible enough to fit the needs of a business providing for access control 24/7. Providing wireless access delivers vastly better performance and functionality than traditional mechanical access into buildings. It features a flexible management system that doesn’t require software for installation nor does it incur the cost of a fully wired system.


With the Salto KS Cloud based access control system we can custom design a complete access control solution from one door to several doors on multiple buildings that can be controlled from one app. In addition to the tracking users entering your building you can also remotely lock and unlock doors to grant access without having to give someone a key or leaving your home.


Providing secure access is not just available for commercial use, the DANALOCK provides homeowners and landlords in residential areas with safe and secure access to their properties.

The Danalock V3 is a motorized battery-operated electronic lock that enables you to control your front door using a mobile phone through the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. With a simple operation, you can retrofit your existing door and install the Danalock V3 motorized electronic lock to have the full control of your door.

Access Control

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted many local businesses in Louisiana where the security of physical assets and the safety of business owners, employees and contractors is paramount. The economic impact of COVID-19 is obvious and securing physical assets now a priority. Access control allows you to keep an eye on your buildings remotely without the need for armed security guards. Choosing the right solution for your access needs can be confusing. Upgrading and maintaining access control can be exhausting. Let the professionals at LaTech Security and Surveillance focus on ensuring you have the right information you need to protect your staff, visitors and physical assets. Contact our team at 255-475-9359 to schedule a free initial consultation for your business.