Shifting Your Security Smarts Closer to the Edge with AI

Amid the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology solutions were a saving grace that allowed a diverse range of businesses and organizations to stay safely afloat. Despite the numerous setbacks that our world experienced throughout 2020, the silver lining is that technology never stopped progressing — if anything, there are several exciting developments on the horizon that are sure to benefit individuals and businesses for years to come.

Milestone Systems’ annual 2021 MIPS conference highlighted the technological advancements that are yet to come, chief among them Formative AI, Cloud Computing, Digital Ethics and Composite Architecture. This article will offer an in-depth look at the different ways in which cloud computing and formative AI practices are poised to enhance security capabilities in 2021 and beyond for companies that need surveillance and security in Baton Rouge.

The 2021 MIPS Conference

With the participation of nearly 5,000 technology partners, the 2021 MIPS conference was a rich event where video, security and technology solution teams came together to discuss what the next year may hold for the world of technology. Given that technology has played such a key role in keeping professional teams and loved ones connected throughout the pandemic, it is no surprise that going forward, security and technology will be even more closely intertwined to create highly effective solutions for users.

Emerging Security Solutions

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence, specifically, have the power to significantly improve processing and response time, efficiency and threat identification in the context of security. As one of the four main tenants announced at the 2021 MIPS conference, cloud computing will be a key player in security developments for the year ahead, given its ability to offer rapid processing times, simple remote access, improved cybersecurity and more. Accompanied by formative AI, digital ethics and composite architecture, it’s easy to see how the future of technology will reflect our society’s newfound necessity for cloud-based technologies that so many businesses have adopted over the last year.

Cloud Computing Technology

Beyond rendering data and other digital information conveniently accessible to remote teams, cloud computing technologies have the ability to streamline security solutions using access controls, malware protection, cyber threat identification and more. By implementing cloud computing technology into their day-to-day operations, businesses have significantly more control over their security policies, controls, procedures and technology settings that can be tailored to fit their specific needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Like cloud computing, artificial intelligence is on the rise, with the emergence of tools such as intelligent sensors that are making their way into security and technology. Intelligent sensors are not a new concept — they were first developed by NASA in the late ’70s. However, the implementation of intelligent sensors into everyday technological and security solutions is a fresh development that could drastically change the face of security as we know it today.

With the ability to recognize specific inputs and then process and judge that information, intelligent sensors have the potential to change the landscape of technology like surveillance cameras, video identification and communication systems. Intelligent sensors are just a singular example of the impact that artificial intelligence will have on security and technological tools in the days ahead.

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