Helping Leaders See the Value of Video Security

As our world itself grows more complex, businesses have to respond in kind. When you start to consider the amount of traffic and activity a business experiences on an average day, acquiring video surveillance and security systems appears not only as a smart decision but a necessary one. Businesses and municipalities of all types and sizes can benefit from having up-to-date security technology, and the overall impact of this upgrade makes the initial cost worth it.

Protect Your Company with Comprehensive Video Evidence

When incidents arise, your company loses valuable time and money when handling the subsequent dispute. Closed circuit television (CCTV) and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras coupled with advanced facial recognition software and high-speed cameras capture clear and precise video evidence in these tricky situations. This remains especially important for law enforcement, where questions between the public and professionals can erode trust in officers. Forbes reported on a University of Cambridge study where public complaints against the police dropped by 93% thanks to officers wearing body cams.

In addition, updated surveillance systems will deter potential theft, break-ins and vandalism, saving you time and insurance money.

Inspire Employee Confidence Through Ensured Safety

Your business can provide a priceless service to its employees by making them feel protected, a feat you can achieve through video surveillance and complementary security features like access control. CCTV and IP cameras capture activity inside and outside your property, and connected alarms allow you to efficiently handle threats. This type of surveillance protects employees from those who wish to take advantage of others or the company, since “workers are more efficient and conscious of their actions and work” ( with advanced surveillance.

Ultimately, you want to ensure the health, safety and security of those who work and interact with your business. An automated video management system with sensors, alarms and other security measures will protect your employees, giving them confidence that their work matters. Having the right surveillance and security Baton Rouge organizations need helps ensure your operations will continue smoothly in the future.

Maintain Awareness of Activity, No Matter the Time or Place

Modern security systems allow for unprecedented surveillance of your property and assets. For businesses and municipalities that use pay-to-park lots, license plate readers and security cameras keep track of people who enter the premises, and the data stored in these systems can be reviewed at any time. Businesses, municipalities or living communities that worry about suspicious activity can set up cameras at strategic locations, offering a newfound peace of mind to residents and the public. For commercial businesses, cameras can also track customer habits, giving companies a chance to improve customer satisfaction. Automated systems connected to the internet feature remote access options, meaning you can verify identifications and trigger video recordings even while attending to other parts of your life.

Assuring the Smooth Running of Your Organization

Security systems should work for your constituents, not the other way around. You can take advantage of the latest surveillance technology to create convenient solutions to places and times of high traffic on your property and efficiently address potential threats as they arise. When you invest in your security, you lower the chance that an incident such as theft or break-ins will occur, as strong security makes your business less of a target. By improving the consistency of your security, you will also improve the overall experience of employees, visitors and the public. Advanced video technology will take the pressure off so that you can focus on the smooth operation of your company.

Partner With A Company You Can Trust

While the shift from outdated video surveillance systems to new technology may feel daunting, we cannot overstate its importance to your business. Law enforcement, municipalities and commercial businesses all require equipment they can trust, that addresses their specific needs. LaTech Security Baton Rouge has been providing integrated, leading-edge technology since 2001. Our team of experienced industry professionals partners with your business to meet your exact requirements. To learn more about the importance of modern video surveillance and security, get in touch through our contact page or call 225-214-3038, or 866-779-4897 for our toll free number.