Global Security & Surveillance Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

There are dramatic changes happening in the security and surveillance industry, with everything from cybersecurity to managed security services making headlines throughout the world. Data compliance and other regulatory requirements are forcing organizations to increase their spending in this realm, often resulting in less-than-ideal situations where individuals are selecting solutions without a comprehensive understanding of the market. From wireless security cameras to product picture specifications and cloud storage, this complex and quickly evolving landscape requires an investment of time and talent to ensure your team is making the right decisions in terms of security.

Expanding Video Storage Requirements

In a simpler world, videos were stored locally and could be accessed with few additional steps. In today’s world of cloud-based storage technology, the requirements for video capture and review have changed dramatically. Video surveillance is often used to detect high-risk patterns and create active notifications to system administrators — taking video surveillance far beyond simple monitoring. This all equates to revised data standards and dramatically expanded data storage requirements. Having access to this information within a cloud storage scenario allows surveillance and security professionals to analyze data long after the event.

The Rise of AI and Machine Learning

Updated security and surveillance systems utilize advanced technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine when there might be a problem. This all requires some security systems to do double duty — not just capturing information but actually making computations and running complex algorithms in near real-time. Without access to high-speed internet, it would be difficult to apply these technology solutions to help reduce immediate threats and also identify risky behavior by employees.

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