Why More Companies Are Turning to Security-as-a-Service Support for Their Business

Did you know that your business is under attack on a daily basis? From malware and ransomware to the threat of IoT (Internet of Things) devices that can be hacked, companies are being infiltrated at astounding rates. We have all seen the movies where someone taps a few buttons on a computer and then has complete control of the video systems, or has a nifty handheld device that can bypass a specific video camera. While crooks certainly can cover up crimes by hacking into a video feed, it’s much more likely that you will be in a situation where you’re dealing with ransomware or other types of network-based technology attacks. Surveillance cameras are viewed as a critical aspect of building and personnel security, making them a particularly vulnerable target for cybercriminals. Overcoming these issues requires a dedicated focus on the intersection between cybersecurity and physical or digital surveillance technologies.

Security Solutions for Corporations

IT departments are often fully in tune with the challenges that are being presented on the server side of their business, but may not be thinking about the operational issues that can be introduced with technology. Everything from physically securing server rooms to ensuring that video cameras cannot be hacked creates a wide scope of responsibility for internal IT teams that are already being stretched incredibly thin. The days of simply being able to add antivirus and anti-malware software to your computer and call it a day are far behind us — today’s hackers are extremely nuanced in their approach to data theft. Organizations are combating these trends by hiring professional cybersecurity support technicians, much in the same way companies need additional support for their surveillance technology.

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

Corporations, schools, state and local governments, small businesses . . . these organizations are proving vulnerable to attack and costing tens of thousands of dollars in remediation when their security structures fail. Each device that is connected to the internet is a potential fail point, such as video surveillance equipment and other recording devices. Working directly with trusted video experts from LaTech Security and Surveillance helps reduce the pressure on internal IT teams by shifting this responsibility to individuals that are able to provide dedicated focus to this type of security requirement.

Reducing your security risks is not a one-time solution that you are simply able to implement and then never worry about again. Instead, you need constant and proactive management of your company’s video surveillance and security equipment to reduce the possibility of loss due to hacking or other attempts to bypass your security. The professionals at LaTech Security and Surveillance are working closely with software and hardware technology manufacturers to create a 360-degree approach to security that minimizes the work and stress on internal teams while promoting a more secure and reliable security infrastructure for your business. Contact LaTech today at 866-779-4897 to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about our proactive approach to modern security challenges.