What is the Difference Between Smart Locks and an Access Control System?

The world is truly going digital, and that’s even down to the way we control access to buildings or various items throughout your home or organization. Traditional metal keys are too easily lost, stolen or duplicated but electronic locks provide an added level of security for high-risk or high-traffic businesses. Confidential information, patient records, drug cabinets or co-working spaces – there is a range of access control mechanisms that you can utilize. Two of the most popular options are standalone smart locks and true access control systems, but it can be a bit confusing to determine which will best meet your needs.

What is a Smart Lock?

One of the biggest differences between a smart lock and an access control system is the environment that they are designed to monitor and control A smart lock is usually designed as a standalone device that would be installed in a home or small office where you only have one or two doors, only a few people that would have access to these doors. Smart locks are relatively inexpensive and can be programmed to interact with your home management software such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s HomeKit to create a complete digital ecosystem for your home.

What is an Access Control System?

An access control system is considered to be a more secure and refined solution for commercial environments, when you need to do more than simply allow someone to open a door. An access control system can be designed to manage access for one door or hundreds of doors. With an access control system your doors, users and permissions are managed from a central location that can be hosted at your office or via a cloud server which will allow you to add doors, users and permissions without having to go to each door to update them. One of the most important features of an access control system is the management where you can utilize this technology to create layered rules that are quite nuanced, such as providing a doctor’s office staff with access to various areas of the building based on their unique individual permissions. Plus, you’re able to create a series of alerts based on business rules such as when an individual that is not approved for weekends attempts to gain access to your building. This can help ensure that you are staying fully informed of activities within the protected space as well as limiting the access of specific users.

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