Updating Your Office’s Security Needs in A Post-Pandemic World

The office environment has changed dramatically in the past several years. Many employees are either working remotely or are splitting their schedules between remote working and working at the office. This new employee scheduling has changed how businesses look at their surveillance and security needs.

LaTech Security has compiled some highlights on office security needs in a modern workplace. Being at the forefront of the security and surveillance innovation space, our team works closely with law enforcement and government agencies. We spend a lot of time installing and enforcing:

  • License plate readers
  • Access control
  • Body cameras for law enforcement
  • Security systems
  • CCTV
  • Parking access & management
Our services are not only limited to the public space, LaTech Security also does work in the private business sector. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for technology weaknesses to exploit in the stolen data market. Is your precious data secure from prying eyes? Do you know who has access to your office space? With LaTech, you no longer have to wonder — you can know for sure.

You Need a Reliable Cloud-Based Security and Surveillance Provider

Almost all work networks are cloud-based in today’s office space — and that includes security and access control systems. Hackers are continually working on how to access sensitive data such as stored security footage, putting IT professionals in a position of constantly defending against attacks. With LaTech Security, we understand how important it is to have a reliable cloud surveillance provider.

Having trust that your cloud surveillance provider is protected and constantly evolving to defend against the latest cybersecurity risks is crucial. Cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence to break security defenses, so LaTech is also using AI and enhanced machine learning to combat these attacks.

Secure Access Control for Critical Buildings or Areas

With employees more than likely coming into the office on split days and times, it is important to have proper access control to the building. What does this mean? Proper access control refers to allowing building access to specific people on certain days and times. This allows your business to have more control over the security of your building and provides peace of mind. Just as businesses are continually adjusting their work balance, the same should be done with access control.

Equipment needs to be assessed and updated constantly to remain reliable and effective against security risks. If an employee loses a key, the solution is as simple as resetting their access card — no more expensive locksmiths! Having a solid access control security system for your office also allows for more control over who is in the building. With workplace violence still a concern, access control systems allow for closer monitoring of the building occupants at all times.

You Can Rely on LaTech Security

LaTech has been in the surveillance and security industry since 2001. That’s 20 years of experience providing businesses, individuals and organizations with outstanding security solutions. Our team’s high level of professionalism and integrity has kept our client in and near Baton Rouge happy and continuing our security services for years. Our clients’ privacy and peace of mind are our top priority and we take our job seriously when serving quality surveillance.

The world can be an uncertain place — let us help keep your business safe! To learn more about how LaTech Security can serve your business’ needs, connect with us by calling 225-214-3038 or filling out our quick contact form today.