Unexpected Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

On-site management of video surveillance has been the predominant model for many decades but is quickly being surpassed by the benefits of cloud-based video surveillance management. From the protracted process required to deploy traditional systems and large capital expenditures to having the flexibility to scale your deployment, on-site surveillance storage and management has its fair share of difficulties. With cloud-based video surveillance, you are often able to bypass these challenges and provide enhanced capabilities for video surveillance while maintaining a more structured investment in your technology that allows your solutions to evolve with the market. Still not convinced cloud-based video surveillance is for you? Here are a few more unexpected benefits that you will appreciate when you move to the cloud.

1. Ease of Adding Cameras and System Components

The problems associated with adding new cameras to an existing system could cause your security team to think twice before recommending this type of investment. From the cost of wiring a new camera to all the various configuration options, this can be an expensive and time-consuming task that your security team isn’t interested in tackling. This can cause you to lose perspective within a particular area that truly needs the added security. The value that cloud-based video surveillance brings is the ease of configuration for new cameras, where a broad spectrum of IP and analog cameras can be automatically configured once the base system is installed.

2. Enhanced Cybersecurity

Did you know that each of your physical cameras could potentially be an attack vector for your entire network? With active management of a cloud-based video surveillance system, you have added peace of mind that small changes in your network can be tracked and identified, potentially derailing an attack before it is able to take hold of your complete system. Dedicated cybersecurity teams with your managed video systems stay up-to-date on the latest threats and are able to proactively manage the necessary updates to your systems.

3. Reduced Risk of Obsolescence

It never fails: as soon as you install your security system, something new and updated will be released that has additional functionality that would help improve security or reduce costs. With a cloud-based managed security system, you are often able to download upgrades to the system as opposed to buying new physical machinery. Technology evolves rapidly, and with functional APIs that tie your system components together with that of your managed security system provider you are able to take greater advantage of new tools and options for security and reduce the risk of obsolescence.

4. Cloud-Based Systems Have Greater Reliability

Traditional video security systems that are hosted on-premise will need redundancy to protect against outages of a server or series of servers. However, these valuable resources are not being activated except in the event of overload of primary systems or in the event of an emergency — otherwise, they are stagnant drains on your time to maintain software updates and patches as well as being a potential security risk. Cloud-based data centers have redundancies far beyond what it would be efficient to build internally, and can quickly be scaled in the event of an urgent situation. With instant alerts and higher utilization of expensive resources, shared data centers often reduce the overall cost of ownership while providing double or triple the levels of redundancy you will find with on-premise systems.

While not everything is better in the cloud, it’s clear that there are strong benefits of making this shift for your video surveillance activities. From improved reliability of recordings to faster performance of local networks, cloud-based video surveillance allows you to maintain smoother operations and greater consistency. When you are ready to learn more about whether cloud-based video surveillance is right for your organization, contact the professionals at LaTech Security and Surveillance at 866-779-4897. As Louisiana’s top provider of security and surveillance technology, our team has extensive knowledge of solutions for law enforcement, commercial security needs as well as municipal and public safety systems. We provide exceptional service and solutions that are designed for the unique needs of your situation.