Protect Your Location with Eagle Eye Networks Surveillance Cameras

Nearly everyone has seen older television shows and movies where the bad guy managed to snag the tapes from the surveillance cameras — making it nearly impossible for the authorities to track them down. If you’re still concerned about this scenario becoming a reality for your business, it’s good to know that the solutions have evolved dramatically since that time!

Enhanced Thermal Imaging Protects Your Workplace

Modern security and surveillance solutions provide a wide range of added features that will help reduce risks and costs associated with surveillance. These advanced solutions allow a smaller team to maintain even greater coverage, while still preventing unauthorized access to your security footage. One of the newest solutions involves thermal imaging, which allows some higher-end cameras to detect body temperature in high-traffic locations — allowing for quick, discreet and individual screening of individuals for increased temperatures. This simple screening mechanism can be installed in a variety of locations such as hallways, lobbies and other access points to help provide a safer environment for workers, customers, members and patrons.

Benefits of Managed Surveillance Solutions

Having immediate, off-site access to your surveillance footage is considered a necessity for modern security or operations managers and site owners. Whether you’re ensuring that your employees are meeting the required standards, preventing theft and centralizing loss prevention or simply tracking entrances and exits to a particular location, always-on connectivity for your surveillance solutions is a must. Here are some of the key benefits of utilizing this type of secure, flexible solution.

  • Cloud and On-Premise Recording
  • Bank-Level Security & Encryption
  • Support for a Wide Range of Analog and IP Cameras
  • Secure and Reliable Solutions for Complex Applications

Creating a More Reliable Surveillance Solution

The world is shifting, creating greater challenges for public and private protection than ever before. Cybersecurity is a key concern for organizations, particularly in the realm of security and surveillance. An internet-based solution allows your team to administer your surveillance remotely while still staying in constant contact with multiple locations through an SSO (single sign-on) security platform. Videos can be quickly downloaded and shared anytime, anywhere — creating a truly scalable solution that is flexible enough to meet the changing needs of your stakeholders.

Providing the first line of protection for your home or business is where LA Tech excels, utilizing state-of-the-art solutions from Eagle Eye Networks and other premier security and surveillance partners. Contact the LA Tech Security team at 866-779-4897 to schedule your complimentary initial consultation and learn more about how thermal imaging cameras can help protect your workplaces and customers with automatic temperature scans that utilize standard human body temperatures as a proxy. We work with a diverse group of organizations from law enforcement and municipalities to commercial applications. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the right solutions to meet your unique security and surveillance needs.