How to Integrate Video Surveillance and Security to Create a Smarter City or Community

Smart homes are all the rage. Technology has improved many aspects of our daily lives, including allowing us to increase security around our homes. By 2025, an estimated 483 million homes worldwide are projected to be smart homes. Smart home trends are not only important to smart homes. The video surveillance and security tools used in smart homes can be integrated into larger applications to improve security in cities. No matter your concern, the professionals at LaTech Security are ready to introduce you to the newest trends in security.

Why is a Smarter City or Community Important?

More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Where there are a lot of people, it is important to make sure that people are safe and secure. Additionally, it is important for the city to function efficiently. In other words, cities need to ensure their residents have access to reliable power and transportation in addition to remaining safe. Taking advantage of and integrating technology can result in better, safer cities.

What Technology Trends can be Integrated Into Cities?

The technology industry is constantly evolving. Smart home technology is rather new to the industry and often created for use on a smaller scale. However, many of the technology trends originally designed for smart homes can be used on a larger scale. When adapted for use in a larger setting, the following technology trends can easily be integrated to use in smart cities:

  • Cloud
  • Edge Analytics
  • Video control and access control as a service
  • Remote workforce
  • Thermal imaging
  • Contactless solutions
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning

How are These Video Surveillance and Security Trends Put to Work in Cities?

While the growth in technology moves at a lightning pace, it may be difficult to conceptualize how new technology can be integrated into smart cities and communities. Cities need data to operate efficiently, and the ability to quickly process information can make the difference between life and death. Bringing data together to increase efficiency, improve mobility, drive sustainability, boost security and promote economic growth is invaluable. Read on to see how the latest trends can be put to use.

Preventive Technology

Preventive technology is one way that cities can utilize technology trends. The ability to have access to real-time traffic tracking and reporting is invaluable. It can help residents decide whether they should go to the office to work remotely. Preventive technology can also help prevent threats from active shooters. Remote automated lock-down technology could prevent tragedy from happening.

Monitor Resources

Cities and communities provide a wide variety of resources to their residents. From things like trash pickup to energy use and consumption, cities are always looking to become more efficient. Think about how much money a city could save by using real-time data to adjust street lighting based on need.

Improve Safety

Wi-Fi connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) technology and close captioning cameras can all be used to improve safety and decrease safety sector response times. Think about emergency response to a car accident. Traffic monitoring cameras that can provide real-time data to emergency response divisions may save someone’s life.

Adapt to Global Changes

This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many organizations to pivot, changing the way they typically operate to accommodate remote workers and social distancing. Luckily, smart home technology offerings like remote access, thermal imaging, air quality monitoring and contactless technology could quickly be adapted. Surveillance video provides searchable metadata and real-time data for things like mask detection, temperature detection, occupation monitoring and social distancing detection.

Organizations are always looking for reliability, redundancy and risk reduction when it comes to technology. If you are ready to create a system of truly integrated solutions, look to LaTech Security for your needs. We are ready to make recommendations for your surveillance and security needs in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. LaTech provides the best surveillance and security Baton Rouge has to offer. Call 866-779-4897 for a consultation today.