How Surveillance License Plate Cameras Protect Neighborhoods

Most Americans enjoy a relatively safe space for their homes, but crime rates continue to rise in the suburbs. As new subdivisions and neighborhoods are being formed, contractors and property owners are proactively looking for ways to keep neighborhoods safe. Fortunately, license plate cameras are able to quickly capture and alert authorities and security professionals when a suspected criminal is in the area, providing added peace of mind for your local families and businesses.

Tracking the Criminal’s Vehicle

Many crimes are associated with a car or other vehicle. Except in densely populated city neighborhoods, it’s not possible to commit a crime and be in an out before being discovered without a vehicle. That’s where license plate cameras come into play. A robust system of recording the license plate and other vehicle details of every vehicle that enters and exits your neighborhood – and recording and saving that information – will give you peace of mind. Adding this technology to your neighborhood gives you a significant additional step in creating a safer community.

How Does it Work?

At each entrance to your neighborhood, a camera will be installed that is specifically calibrated to record the license plate of every vehicle that enters the neighborhood along with the date and time. And it works no matter how busy your neighborhood is – these cameras can handle hundreds of plates per minute. Information is read in all types of weather and any time of night or day. This information is recorded in a sophisticated computer system and saved so that information can be retrieved and handed to law enforcement in the case of a crime or suspicious activity.

Law enforcement is able to use the information to track down the owner of the vehicle, to find patterns of activity with a certain vehicle and compare activity at other locations with similar devices. They are also able to find out whether there are other vehicles regularly associated with the vehicle in question. Stolen vehicles can also be tracked in this manner.

What to Look for When You Decide to Install Surveillance License Plate Cameras

Choose a company that is an expert in the field. The cameras need to be able to read the plates clearly – which means you need the right camera and the technical expertise to have it installed correctly so that all plates will be clearly readable. The right company will also help you decide on a particular system that meets your needs from a variety of available systems.

And you need experienced installers who will respect the appearance of your property and make certain that the camera blends in with your environment. LA TECH is an industry leader in the security and surveillance space. They are your partners for the safety of your neighborhood. LA Tech is ready and available to work with you, providing the expertise and solutions for your security needs. Contact us at 866-779-4897 to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique budgetary and project needs.