Help Protect Visitors and Vehicles with CCTV During the Busy Holiday Season

As the holiday season gets into full swing, there is a marked increase in crime despite businesses increasing security personnel. The problem lies with human error as employees are more stressed with an increase in vehicles and visitors. A security guard posted at key locations can’t see everything in and around business premises. If attending to one incident, they may be missing what is happening elsewhere in the area. This is why many businesses turn to CCTV to help with their security needs during the holiday season and beyond.

What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, which consists of a range of digital recording devices used to monitor property and people in various applications. Strategically placed CCTV cameras monitor and record activity in and around the interior and exterior of buildings. The signal is then transmitted to a monitor, where the footage can be accessed through a computer or mobile phone.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

CCTV has revolutionized the world of security in protecting commercial spaces, including buildings, parking spaces, and roads. CCTV cameras are commonly installed by law enforcement, government municipalities, businesses, and even private homes and gated communities.

Prevention of crime is always better than a cure. The technological advances in security and safety with CCTV’s introduction are the best way to prevent modern-day criminals with their own technological advances from committing a crime in or around your premises.

What are The Benefits of CCTV?

Monitors Deliveries

The holiday season naturally sees a huge increase in deliveries to both homes and business premises. With CCTV, you can monitor vehicles coming and going from car parks, private homes, business premises and capture the license plates of those stealing packages.

Deters Criminal Activity

Most security cameras are installed higher up on a building, which isn’t easy to access. These cameras become a deterrent for criminals. When intruders see surveillance cameras, they may decide to move to another area without cameras knowing their activities will be caught on camera. Statistics tell us that when CCTV cameras are installed in car parks, you see a significant decrease in crime.

Monitors Theft and Shoplifting

Criminals are not always external to an organization; employees and visitors are also prone to criminal activities if they think they can get away with it it. A strategically placed camera watching over a cash register can easily spot employee malpractice.

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the number of shoplifting incidents dramatically increases. In 2019, shoplifting cost retailers around $50 billion in lost merchandise with approximately 28% of that coming from employee theft. To fight these losses, a marked increase in the use of security cameras using CCTV recordings has helped identify perpetrators leading to more successful prosecutions.

Monitors Workplace Violence

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone where you see an increase in stress-related incidents both with visitors, customers, and employees. Tempers can easily get out of hand, and violence tends to increase in the workplace during this peak shopping period. With ongoing monitoring in and around the workplace, monitored CCTV makes it easier for management to intervene or call for assistance when altercations get out of control.

24 Hour Coverage

A prime reason for using CCTV to enhance security measures during the holidays is that you can have eyes everywhere. It is a must for retail stores, commercial buildings, and parking garages because they allow 24/7 coverage with easy access to live recordings. The cameras are accurate in what they record and, and not prone to human error.

Safe From a Distance

The last thing you want is to confront a burglar in the act in the middle of the night, not knowing if they are armed. Using your mobile phone or home computer, you can track activity from a safe distance and alert the authorities accordingly.


CCTV is not only more efficient than employing security personnel, but it’s also cost-effective saving on employment benefits and reduced insurance premiums. Once security and surveillance systems are installed, the ongoing costs are minimal as they are easy to maintain.

Modern-day digital security systems are easier than ever to install and require minimal technical know-how. With cloud-based technology, ongoing updates in the software mean you will always have access to the latest and most secure technology available today.

With the holiday season in full swing, you can’t put a price on peace of mind. LaTech Security specializes in license plate recognition, body cameras, and CCTV for companies, communities and municipalities in New Orleans. Call us at 866-779-4897 or schedule a free consultation today and protect your business with ease this holiday season.