Endpoint Security Takes Full Advantage of the Cloud with Faster Processing

It wasn’t too long ago that IT leaders relied upon firewalls to protect their networks and data storage systems from security risks. Remote working and cloud-based applications now reduce the effectiveness of traditional network security systems. Cybersecurity criminals use more sophisticated algorithms and tools to penetrate network security by attacking the most vulnerable points in the network, endpoint devices. Laptops, smartphones and tablets connected to networks by employees working remotely, and these endpoints are where cybersecurity attacks occur. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools are being used to attack endpoints, so IT security professionals need to fight back with AI-based tools and machine learning to detect and remediate these weak points in network security quickly.

Cloud-Based AI and ML at the Forefront of Cybersecurity Defenses

The adoption of AI and ML technology continues to grow. According to an article in Forbes, “46% of enterprises are using AI & ML to combat fraud, which will most likely grow given the growth and severity of breaches, including the SolarWinds cyberattack.” Social engineering attacks fool users into clicking on an email link to access their company’s endpoint devices. Once inside, the malware attaches itself to data files, operating system files and often acts as a trojan horse to allow hackers to enter the remote network via a backdoor. To identify these tiny bits of data, cybersecurity professionals need to search through thousands of log files and lines of code to detect the threat files. Machine learning-based programs learn from past activity and detect anomalies in patterns to identify these trojan files. These automated, artificial intelligence tools save IT security workers thousands of hours by constantly scanning the systems.

Next-Generation Endpoint Security vs. Traditional Endpoint Security Solutions

Traditional endpoint solutions depend on signature-based technology to create a database of security threats and uploading tools to defend against them. Since cybercriminals started using AI to make their attacks, traditional tools can’t keep up with the increasing volumes of attacks. AI-based endpoint security detects and prevents attacks in real-time. According to Duane Schell in a recent article in StateTechMagazine.com, By switching to a real-time approach that relies on AI and ML, the task of maintaining signatures is minimized, latency is removed and risk levels are reduced.

Endpoint Data and Recovery – A Proactive Approach to Endpoint Security

Many security solutions monitor and identify security breaches and stop there. Endpoint detection and recovery (EDR) technology identifies threats and attacks them to isolate them and prevent them from harming the system. Newer technology includes mobile EDR solutions. Since many remote workers use smartphones and tablets, these next-generation solutions work on mobile devices in addition to laptops and desktop systems. These solutions can also make copies of mobile applications and operating systems. If a breach does occur, the EDR solution will remove the threat and replace the iOS with a backed-up version within minutes of the attack.

Cloud-Based Endpoint Solutions Prevent Zero-Day Attacks

A zero-day attack happens when a malware or ransomware threat infects an endpoint, and IT doesn’t have the time to fix or stop the issue in time. EDR solutions actively monitor and attack the problem before human intervention detects the issue. These features are beneficial for companies for small IT security teams.

Using a Security Specialist to Protect Your Business IT Assets

Not every business owner can understand all the current cybersecurity risks, and since they are constantly changing, even internal IT professionals need to stay up-to-date. IT providers who need surveillance and security Baton Rouge companies can trust should consider partnering with LaTech to provide state-of-the-art endpoint security services. We can help assess business needs and risks and design an EDR solution to meet their needs and budgets. Learn more about LaTech Security by visiting our website or calling 866-779-4897.