6 Ways CCTV and Advanced Security Solutions Are Helping Reduce Theft

Advanced security solutions like CCTV and advanced security solutions like artificial intelligence (AI) used to be things only seen in movies and on television. Now, these advanced security solutions are commonplace. Used correctly, CCTV and advanced security solutions like AI security can help to autonomously identify current and possible cyber threats to companies, law enforcement agencies and governmental entities based on similar or previous criminal activity.

What are Advanced Security Solutions?

Typically, surveillance cameras were seen as passive security systems, watching over people as they moved through a business or outside in a parking lot. Sometimes the footage was monitored by an actual person watching the live feed, sometimes the footage was merely stored on a hard drive until it needed to be reviewed in the case that something went wrong. Most of the time, surveillance cameras like CCTV were merely used for deterrence or in reaction to theft or other criminal activity. Now, AI has turned the security world on its head, giving companies the ability to analyze live video.

How Can Advanced Security Solutions Help to Reduce Theft?

The following is a list of some of the various ways that CCTV and advanced security solutions can help to reduce theft.

1. Integration of AI security solutions allows for the implementation of 24/7, 365-day monitoring of systems, equipment and buildings. When humans are not necessary to monitor equipment, companies can reduce their dependence on in-person security teams. In turn, they gain valuable insight to what is happening all the time. As things happen, the security system can learn and predict future events. This allows security to become less reactive and more proactive. AI can even be beneficial in a law enforcement setting by allowing first responders and police to respond to crimes and accidents quickly.

2. AI-based technology can save time by automating manual processes like checklists, routines and document evaluation. Data drives many types of business in a wide variety of industries, even government. Most of the time, data is entered manually by employees. AI-based applications have the potential to automate processes like filling out forms like police reports or moving objects like mail. When these processes are automated, human employees can spend quality time spent on more difficult tasks that require more technical or specialized knowledge.

3. Advanced security solutions like AI can help to predict the impact of combined cyber and physical threats in real-time, creating specific algorithms to assign risk scores to a particular series of events. This data could potentially be life-saving if used by law enforcement officials where prevention of crime is the ultimate goal. Not only does CCTV deter criminal activity, but it can also monitor theft and shoplifting from a distance and predict where future crime might happen based on previous activity. CCTV can also monitor workplace violence, making it easy for management to intervene without putting additional lives at risk.

4. AI can utilize predictive technology to compile known data about theft and translate it into a risk assessment for a particular area. Assigning risk scores to things like job sites or even parts of town can help governments and municipalities analyze future threats.

5. Advanced security solutions work to reduce internal and external threats by identifying and tracking people who don’t have access credentials. This benefit of AI is important in high-level security areas like evidence rooms, secure storage facilities and more.

6. Advanced security solutions also help to discover where, when and how theft is happening, so communities can become more secure. If high crime is developing in a certain part of town, police could add additional patrols to an area in response to information gleaned from advanced security solutions like CCTV or AI. This is sometimes called predictive policing.

While there are many benefits to AI, the use of technology is not without skepticism. Some people fear that automated processes driven by AI will take jobs away from people. However, a report from the research firm Gartner indicates that artificial intelligence is currently creating more jobs than it destroys, with a net increase of over two million jobs by 2025.

The world of advanced security solutions like CCTV is constantly advancing and new features and benefits continue to become available. LaTech stays on top of these developments, striving to be a wealth of knowledge on security and surveillance technologies that protect private citizens and businesses every day. To learn more about how surveillance is developing to better protect against theft, call one of our trained professionals at LaTech Security in New Orleans today — simply call 225-214-3038 or fill out our quick contact form.