4 Unexpected Benefits of Thermal Imaging in Surveillance and Security

What is visible to the naked eye — or the surveillance camera — doesn’t always tell the full story of what’s happening in any particular situation. Heat spikes, low-light scenarios and areas with a great deal of outdoor or indoor foliage could easily conceal something that could end with disastrous results. Fortunately, Eagle Eye Networks security and surveillance solutions provide significantly greater visibility and insight through the use of thermal imaging cameras.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is regularly used in security and surveillance for a number of different applications, from law enforcement to commercial. This advanced technique is utilized to do everything from uncovering hidden issues from a security perspective to monitoring the heat levels and potential defects within a building. These cameras operate by using infrared light that is emitted from an object, allowing the camera to capture a temperature-based representation in the form of an image. While this technology was initially developed for military applications, it has found widespread use in commercial and law enforcement as well.

Why You Need Thermal Imaging in Surveillance and Security

Everything from an individual hiding in the shadows to an electrical hotspot can be uncovered utilizing the latest advances in thermal imaging. With managed security and surveillance services equipped with thermal imaging cameras, you have the spectrum of tools needed to help protect your organization and your stakeholders. Thermal imaging allows your team to be more proactive about your security, identifying potential situations before they become more dangerous.

Reduce False Alarms with Thermal Imaging

There can be a significant cost involved with false alarms, particularly in a security setting. When you add thermal imaging to your surveillance strategy, you’re layering in an option that allows you to quickly identify false positives and reduces the all-hands-on-deck alert that could otherwise result from an innocent activity.

Creating a cohesive and measured response to your security and surveillance strategy requires active management of your platforms, which is why pairing thermal imaging with managed security solutions provides the ultimate peace of mind for your teams. Want to learn more about thermal imaging and how it could potentially be used for your application? Contact the technical and business professionals at LA Tech Security at 855-779-4897 to get started. Our team will evaluate your needs and customize a recommendation that will exceed your expectations. We are firm believers that each of our clients deserves a custom solution that will fit your unique needs and we take pride in our dedication to exceptional customer support.