Leland Wolf

Chief Technical Officer

Leland Wolf is the chief technical officer of LaTech Security. His life-long passion for electronic technology led to his pursuit of technical training in electronics shortly after high school. Upon completion, Leland went to work for Gulf States Utilities at the River Bend Nuclear Generating Station. There, he served as a hardware tech, specifically maintaining their computerized nuclear simulator training complex, as well as their CCTV cameras system. After 15 years of service, he opted for the early retirement package from Entergy when they purchased the facility in 1999. He continued his work with surveillance camera systems, and in 2001 opened LaTech Security.

Leland’s love of photography and electronics drives his commitment to be an early adopter of the latest technology. That commitment has steered LaTech to become an industry leader in IP camera technology, including integration with security systems, and in recent years, in law enforcement, with license plate recognition (LPR) cameras.

Leland started in Construction in the 70’s as a Crane Operator but his passion was Photography. Went to school to and was introduced to Digital Electronics. Worked at an Amusement Co for 3 years working on some of our Favorite Machines. Worked in Nuclear power plants for about 15 years and started a business installing PC Software. After 9/11 is when he progressed into CCTV.

Leland’s commitment to excellence has led to the awarding of state contracts, where he has developed strong relationships with many state agencies and law enforcement entities.