Keeping Residents Safe: Implementing Community Wide Surveillance

Law enforcement professionals are actively looking for ways to reach out to community organizations to create synergies that will enhance the safety of the community as a whole. One of the most recent projects involves community wide surveillance (CWS), a way for local businesses, neighborhoods and law enforcement agencies to partner with residents to enhance the security and safety of their shared spaces. Through the use of cloud-based infrastructure and a highly connected ecosystem, this state-of-the-art surveillance and tracking equipment offer real-time insight into community safety.

Partnerships Between Community and Law Enforcement

Law enforcement professionals are often limited with their insight into specific community areas, something that can be quickly overcome with this type of community wide surveillance partnership. Complex situations that can arise at malls or other shopping centers, schools and residential areas can be particularly troubling when officers do not have a direct line of sight into the situation. Shared access to surveillance and tracking cameras throughout the area provides an added layer of safety that could help identify and nullify threats more rapidly — saving lives and reducing the impact of any negative activity.

Updates for Intelligence-Led Policing

Having the right information available at the right time to the right individuals is the basis for intelligence-led policing. It’s nearly impossible to have law enforcement professionals stationed in enough locations throughout the community to ensure public safety, making it vital to rely on technology tools to help supplement the human force. With the latest advances in intelligent tracking tools and camera systems, community surveillance becomes a more realistic goal. Putting together a police-owned surveillance network would also be cost-prohibitive, but partnerships throughout various community groups and business owners are helping bring the concept of intelligence-led policing to life. These upgrades allow police stations and mobile units to act as real-time command centers that can quickly react to changing situations to help ensure the safety of the community as a whole.

Quick Communication and Action During Evolving Situations

It only takes a quick scan through news outlets to find why this type of active partnership is a necessity both now and in the future. Reports of an armed individual on a school campus or in a highly-public location such as a mall or restaurant are near-daily occurrences in some larger cities. Having the ability to tap into a broad network of monitors within a short period of time allows for safer monitoring of large gatherings or events without the need for an intrusive or large-scale physical police presence. Instead, law enforcement professionals can be quickly dispatched where they are needed to maintain public security and keep the peace. This information can all be available at a moment’s notice with a fully deployed network that includes community wide surveillance and tracking options.

Creating and growing these partnerships between law enforcement and community leaders can be complicated, particularly when there are various types of technology that need to integrate well and work together. Fortunately, the team at LaTech is well-versed in putting together this type of shared community action initiative. Not only do we provide top-notch security technology, but we also have the expertise to assess your needs, make recommendations and then implement technology to our exacting specifications. Contact us today at 866-779-4897 to start your complimentary initial consultation.