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Body Cameras for Law Enforcement Professionals

Police officer wearing a chest mounted body cameraWe are living in extremely complex times -- when police officers and other law enforcement personnel are constantly questioned and required to justify their actions. When it becomes a case of "he said, she said" it’s not long before our public defenders become the target of difficult questions. Fortunately, there are a variety of technology solutions that allow police officers and others in the public arena to provide corroboration around specific interactions such as body cameras and dash-mounted cameras in police vehicles. Body cameras are often touted as a way to maintain the public's trust in - and respect of law enforcement, which is vital to allowing police officers to be effective in their roles.

How Body Cameras Work

In a full-contact situation between law enforcement professionals and those causing a disturbance, it would be difficult if not impossible to recreate the exact words that were used or actions that were taken in the heat of the moment. A body camera is often mounted either on the eyeglasses or chest area of officers, providing a real-time stream of information to other officers in the area as well as quick access to details of any incidents that happen while the camera is active. Even if the camera is not able to capture video of the incident, there's a good possibility that much of the activity can be inferred from the angle of the camera's video capture as well as the audio that is recorded. If an officer forgets to turn their body camera on, cameras that are equipped with WiFi technology are able to be remotely activated so you are not missing vital information. Other options for cameras can include an "after-the-fact" recording, where all information is captured to a hard drive for later review.

Benefits of Body Cameras for Law Enforcement

Any time there are questions between the public and law enforcement professionals about the exact activities that occurred during a specific event, there will be an erosion of trust and public confidence in the officers. This is an unfortunate reality and one that can largely be avoided with the broad introduction of body cameras. Citizens might even change how they approach an officer who is visibly wearing a camera -- which , in itself, can be enough to diffuse a difficult situation. It's not unusual for there to be some disagreement of the events that unfolded during an arrest, and the admissible video from body cameras can make all the difference in proving a case and helping keep a criminal off the street. With a quicker resolution, you're also reducing the overall costs associated with prosecuting criminal activities: less paperwork for officers, less time in litigation and a higher likelihood of prosecution.

Body Cameras Create a Perfect Learning Environment

One thing that can be challenging for rookies is truly understanding the visceral nature of the job. Having footage from body cameras available for training allows newer officers to gain a deeper knowledge of the situations that they might encounter and how to respond appropriately. When supervisors view these videos, it also allows an opportunity to identify any new training needs for their department, leading to an overall growth in professionalism and consistency in how officers engage with the public.

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