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LaTech's Monica Wolf Attends The Louisiana Life, Safety, and Security Conference

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LaTech's Monica Wolf recently attended the Louisiana Life, Safety, and Security Conference in Kenner, LA. Monica is the Vice President of Region 2 (Baton Rouge).

The event was a huge success. Through great leadership and member participation, the local association was able to have its annual event with 85 vendors and over 550 attendees!

Smart Technology Makes A Big Impact

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License plate recognition technology can do much more than read license plates thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence — and law enforcement reaps the benefits.

By Adrienne Zimmer on

License plate recognition (LPR) technology has advanced leaps and bounds compared to when it was first released two decades ago. LPR technology has seen an increase in operational efficiency, moving from manual LPRs to automatic LPRs (ALPR) that can, as the name says, automatically alert law enforcement of a suspect [...]


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