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Is Your Building Safe and Secure? You Might Need Brivo Electronic Access Control

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Security is of prime concern during this challenging time as businesses and government departments are negotiating a new reality. Brivo Access Control is in high demand with many buildings empty or catering to a few employees due to Covid-19. This means your premises need to be safer and more secure than ever and if employees do need access at irregular hours, you want to make sure they are authorized to do so.

Surveillance and Access Control for K-12 Education Locations

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Every day hundreds, even thousands, of children’s lives are in your care. Every parent and educator has some anxiety about the safety of the children in their care. The long and frightening history of violence in schools is on our minds. You take the responsibility of your school seriously - and you are not alone. There are innovative and reliable technology solutions to help you increase the safety of your school, your department and your community.

How Surveillance License Plate Cameras Protect Neighborhoods

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Most Americans enjoy a relatively safe space for their homes, but crime rates continue to rise in the suburbs. As new subdivisions and neighborhoods are being formed, contractors and property owners are proactively looking for ways to keep neighborhoods safe. Fortunately, license plate cameras are able to quickly capture and alert authorities and security professionals when a suspected criminal is in the area, providing added peace of mind for your local families and businesses.

Protect Your Location with Eagle Eye Networks Surveillance Cameras

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Nearly everyone has seen older television shows and movies where the bad guy managed to snag the tapes from the surveillance cameras -- making it nearly impossible for the authorities to track them down. If you're still concerned about this scenario becoming a reality for your business, it's good to know that the solutions have evolved dramatically since that time!

4 Unexpected Benefits of Thermal Imaging in Surveillance and Security

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What is visible to the naked eye -- or the surveillance camera -- doesn't always tell the full story of what's happening in any particular situation. Heat spikes, low-light scenarios and areas with a great deal of outdoor or indoor foliage could easily conceal something that could end with disastrous results. Fortunately, Eagle Eye Networks security and surveillance solutions provide significantly greater visibility and insight through the use of thermal imaging cameras.


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