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3 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Professional Security & Surveillance Partner

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Custom security and surveillance solutions are increasingly important in today's world. Not only are companies looking for ways to limit their liability, but there are also compliance requirements for a variety of industries. With the added complexity involved in security systems and software, more companies are finding it best to outsource their core security solutions to a trusted partner with expertise that can be leveraged for added protection.

Global Security & Surveillance Trends You Don't Want to Miss

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There are dramatic changes happening in the security and surveillance industry, with everything from cybersecurity to managed security services making headlines throughout the world. Data compliance and other regulatory requirements are forcing organizations to increase their spending in this realm, often resulting in less-than-ideal situations where individuals are selecting solutions without a comprehensive understanding of the market. From wireless security cameras to product picture specifications and cloud storage, this complex and quickly evolving landscape requires an investment of time and talent to ensure your team is making the right decisions in terms of security.

Unexpected Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

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On-site management of video surveillance has been the predominant model for many decades but is quickly being surpassed by the benefits of cloud-based video surveillance management. From the protracted process required to deploy traditional systems and large capital expenditures to having the flexibility to scale your deployment, on-site surveillance storage and management has its fair share of difficulties. With cloud-based video surveillance, you are often able to bypass these challenges and provide enhanced capabilities for video surveillance while maintaining a more structured investment in your technology that allows your solutions to evolve with the market. Still not convinced cloud-based video surveillance is for you? Here are a few more unexpected benefits that you will appreciate when you move to the cloud. 

Cybersecurity Basics: Protecting IP Cameras from Malware

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Security and surveillance systems have been a target for criminals for years, with nearly every spy movie created showing how unsavory individuals are able to hack their way around security systems. Even so, there is a new threat attacking connected security systems: cybercriminals are employing malware and viruses in an attempt to break through IP cameras as a tunnel into the broader network of your organization. The IP-based surveillance community is facing an extensive array of attacks according to cybersecurity leader Trend Micro, whose software blocked more than 5 million attacks in a 5-month period alone. With an increasingly-connected environment as opposed to closed-loop surveillance that existed in the past, cybercriminals are always looking for ways to infiltrate your systems. This makes having managed security and surveillance services a vital tactic in your cybersecurity arsenal.

Why More Companies Are Turning to Security-as-a-Service Support for Their Business

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Did you know that your business is under attack on a daily basis? From malware and ransomware to the threat of IoT (Internet of Things) devices that can be hacked, companies are being infiltrated at astounding rates. We have all seen the movies where someone taps a few buttons on a computer and then has complete control of the video systems, or has a nifty handheld device that can bypass a specific video camera. While crooks certainly can cover up crimes by hacking into a video feed, it's much more likely that you will be in a situation where you're dealing with ransomware or other types of network-based technology attacks. Surveillance cameras are viewed as a critical aspect of building and personnel security, making them a particularly vulnerable target for cybercriminals. Overcoming these issues requires a dedicated focus on the intersection between cybersecurity and physical or digital surveillance technologies.


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