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Partnerships Between Community and Law Enforcement Help Drive New Real-Time Surveillance Standards

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Over the last twenty years, real-time community surveillance has become an increasingly significant priority for law enforcement groups. In fact, a creative approach to surveillance is taking root in numerous states across the country, resulting in a local approach that works to create safer towns and cities. This innovative strategy creates Real-Time Crime Centers, or RTCCs. The following information examines the role of Real-Time Crime Centers in America, where they are [...]

Help Protect Visitors and Vehicles with CCTV During the Busy Holiday Season

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As the holiday season gets into full swing, there is a marked increase in crime despite businesses increasing security personnel. The problem lies with human error as employees are more stressed with an increase in vehicles and visitors. A security guard posted at key locations can’t see everything in and around business premises. If attending to one incident, they may be missing what is happening elsewhere in the area. This is why many businesses turn to [...]

Predicting Trends in Access Control for 2021 (and Beyond) -- Part 1

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Coronavirus has turned the world upside down forcing many to work from home which has raised all sorts of questions around security. Not only are people faced with the security of their smartphones, tablets, and computers to ward off cyberattacks which have become more prevalent, the bigger question is the security of half-empty buildings. We’ve found as the pandemic spread, buildings in universities, municipalities, and government buildings are exposed to security threats as its not practical to man them 24/7with security personnel. This brings us to the question of what are the trends in access control in the future [...]


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