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Predicting Trends in Access Control for 2021 (and Beyond) -- Part 1

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Coronavirus has turned the world upside down forcing many to work from home which has raised all sorts of questions around security. Not only are people faced with the security of their smartphones, tablets, and computers to ward off cyberattacks which have become more prevalent, the bigger question is the security of half-empty buildings. We’ve found as the pandemic spread, buildings in universities, municipalities, and government buildings are exposed to security threats as its not practical to man them 24/7with security personnel. This brings us to the question of what are the trends in access control in the future [...]

3 Reasons You Should Get Proactive with Security Before the Holiday Shopping Season

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While the coronavirus pandemic might put a damper on going away for the holidays, criminals still manage to get creative. Holidays are a thriving time for thieves! Gone are the days of preprogramming lights to come on at a specific time, or having the neighbor keep an eye out on your property when going on vacation is enough. What happens to all those packages left on your doorstep when you are not at home? What about businesses?  While cybersecurity seems to be top of mind during the holiday season, surveillance and controlling access to your business space is [...]

License Plate Cameras Boost Security and Safety for High-Volume Areas

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Undoubtedly battling crime in high-density areas is fraught with threats that law enforcement must deal with on a daily basis. Every day police officers are faced with life and death situations none more so than when an officer is faced with the decision to pursue a suspect who flees in a vehicle. In the event of a [...]


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