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4 Ways Body Cameras Help Protect Today's Law Enforcement

image of african american police officer wearing watchgaurd vista body camera with LaTech Security + Surveillance in Baton Rouge LaBody cameras have become a hot topic over the last year in the discussion of law enforcement. These cameras are worn on the vest of the officer and record video and audio from interactions with community members and law enforcement officers. Seven states in the U.S — Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Carolina — all have laws requiring body camera use on law enforcement. As a result, there have been many questions circulating within the public on how this form of technology will protect law enforcement. Keep reading to learn about four ways body cameras do just that.

1. Reduction in Police Use-of-Force Incidents

According to the Rialto Study performed by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, body cameras reduced use-of-force incidents by 59 percent. Lowering the use-of-force rate means less of a chance of excessive force within a situation, holding officers accountable. In addition, because use-of-force can put the officer in danger, having a body camera during these situations keeps the officer safer. Ultimately, when there are fewer use-of-force incidents, it is safer for both parties involved.

2. Decline in Citizen Complaints

In the same study, the Bureau of Justice Statistics also found 87.5 percent fewer complaints against officers who had body cameras on them. Law enforcement works for the people of their city; their goal is to keep them safe and comfortable within their community. A decrease in citizen complaints protects the image of the law enforcement officers, which overall keeps officers safer.

3. Increase of Accountability and Transparency

In a study executed by the Justice Department, agencies that implemented body camera use for their officers reported strengthening accountability and transparency. Keeping officers accountable not only keeps them safe from bodily harm but legal battles as well. Body cameras keep officers out of harm in the first place and encourage a level of honesty because everything is captured on film. Providing a record of police activity also makes operations more transparent with the public and assists in solving questions that might come up after an encounter with an officer and a member of the public.

4. Identifying Internal Agency Problems

The Justice Department also found that 94 percent of officers use body cameras to train other responders and receive feedback in administrative reviews. Body cameras are a great training tool and help newer officers learn what not to do — and the skills they need to keep themselves safe when out in the field. In addition, the use of these cameras in training put the new responders in scenario-based training, allowing agents to evaluate their students in the field and determine what areas of activity need work. Body cameras also reduce police misconduct, which ultimately keeps officers and the public safer and out of harm’s way.

LaTech Security + Surveillance Is the Right Team For You

When it comes to protecting law enforcement officers, body cameras have many advantages. They keep law enforcement officers more efficient, effective, and, most of all, safe. The LaTech Security + Surveillance team can help you find the right body camera for your agency. We have over twenty years of experience within the industry and work to protect our community. Our leading-edge technology has been keeping the state of Louisiana safe since 2001. When you need the surveillance and security Baton Rouge natives know and trust, call 225-214-3038 or fill out this quick contact form today!

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