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How to Integrate Video Surveillance and Security to Create a Smarter City or Community

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Smart homes are all the rage. Technology has improved many aspects of our daily lives, including allowing us to increase security around our homes. By 2025, an estimated 483 million homes worldwide are projected to be smart homes. Smart home trends are not only important to smart homes. The video surveillance and security tools used in[...]

Are There Ethical Obligations With Video Security and Cloud-Based Storage?

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Over the last few decades, video surveillance cameras have become an increasingly popular tool to help uphold security in American public spaces. Commercial stores, hospitals, streets, banks are just a few of the locations that are likely to be under video surveillance at any given time, but it doesn’t stop there. Particularly since the 1990’s, video surveillance has become a[...]

Endpoint Security Takes Full Advantage of the Cloud with Faster Processing

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It wasn’t too long ago that IT leaders relied upon firewalls to protect their networks and data storage systems from security risks. Remote working and cloud-based applications now reduce the effectiveness of traditional network security systems. Cybersecurity criminals use more sophisticated algorithms and tools to penetrate network security by attacking the most[...]


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